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FacultyLMS is a comprehensive online learning management system designed to streamline your online education business. With a wide array of features, FacultyLMS empowers instructors and students to connect and collaborate, fostering a vibrant knowledge-sharing environment.

Instructors using FacultyLMS have the freedom to create an unlimited number of video courses, live classes, text-based courses, projects, quizzes, and share various files. This versatile platform allows instructors to curate educational content tailored to their expertise, enabling them to effectively impart knowledge and skills to their students.

For students, FacultyLMS provides a rich learning experience. They gain access to a diverse range of educational materials, empowering them to enhance their skill levels and broaden their knowledge base. With FacultyLMS, students can engage with interactive course content, participate in quizzes, and explore supplementary resources.

Developed with a focus on real business needs, cultural nuances, and extensive user research, FacultyLMS is specifically designed to meet your unique business requirements. By efficiently addressing the demands of diverse industries and learner profiles, FacultyLMS ensures that your online education business can thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Building Technology

  • Backend Framework: PHP/Laravel 10x
  • Frontend Framework: HTML/Jquery