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LMS (Learning Management System)

A learning management system is a piece of software that administrators, teachers, and students can use to document, track, take assignments, report, and distribute educational resources and courses. Online learning delivery is the LMS's primary focus, and it also supports a broad spectrum of users by offering educational assessments including videos, courses, assignments, and documents.


LMS administrators play a vital role by managing the whole Learning management system. The LMS administrators ensure the system is up to date and provide the configuration services according to the organisation needs and functionalities. Including this administrators need to add and manage the users as well as managing the educational contents.


One of the users of the LMS is the instructor. Through the online platform, instructors design, manage, and supply all the resources necessary for students to successfully complete their courses in real life. Instructors can keep an eye on each course module, go over the quizzes, and check on the progress of students who have passed the course.


A learner is also equivalent as a student who does not have access to system data and only has access to their learning homepage. Students can manage their profile and through them they are able to take the course materials. They need to complete the course in case of getting the related certificate.