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Manage Website Settings

To Manage Website Settings follow the procedures…

  • Go to Admin Panel & click Website Settings
  • Then go to Website Settings and explore.

After Explore you can find the below submenu:

Website Themes:

From Website Themes you can choose your website theme which is inclding your header footer and website color with image.


Theme Options:

From Theme Options you can chnage the Headers which is contain three diffferent types of design and can chnage the Footers. You can customize your site by using Typography Seting, Color setting, Favicon and also can choose your website loader using Preloader logo.


Header Content:

From Header Content you will get three submenu. Using Logo section you can change your preferable logo as there light and dark both are available.


Hero Section:

From Hero Section you can chnage the Title, Subtitle, Description by your own.There is also a Language switching option available.


Footer Content:

From Footer Content you can change all kinds of links that you need to put in footer such as Social link, Newsletter Settings, Useful Links, Resourse Links, Quick Links, App Links, Payment method Banners, Copyright.


Website Popup:

From Website Popup you chnage the popup layout.Language,Title,Show in, popup Description, Image, Status all option is chnageable from here. From Show in option you can select the page where you want to show the pop up.


Website SEO & OG

From Website SEO & OG you can chnage the information that you need to chnage in SEO setting Language,Author name,Meta Name,Meta Description,Image all you can change from there.


Custom JS

For chaging the behavior of your website header and footer you can customise the js file by using Custom JS option.


Custom CSS

For chaging the style of your website you can customise the css file by using Custom CSS option.



For changing or updating the cookies contain you can cutomize the GDPR option. You can chnage the Language, Cookies Agreement Text, Privacy, Terms & Condition, Payment Method, Refund Policy.


Google Setup

In case of using Google Recaptcha you can turn off or can turn on from this option.


Facebook Pixel

From using Facebook Pixel option you can modify the pixel of facebook.


Home Page Builder

From Home Page Builder you can add different types of section such as Top Section,Success Story, Subject, Single course, Blog News, Featured course and so on.