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Configure email settings

Yoori e-Commerce CMS supports SMTP, SendGrid, MailGun, SendMail

Configure the SMTP system follow the steps below.

  • Create an email from your server panel
  • After creating an email account, go to ** Admin Panel-> System Setup-> Email settings.**
  • Select SMTP mail driver
  • Attention (This email setting is a must to verify email to send news to the subscriber.)
  • Fill up the form as below:


  • MAIL_DRIVER – Email driver. Default smtp
  • MAIL_HOST – Email host e.g
  • MAIL_PORT – Outgoing email port e.g 2525 or 465
  • MAIL_USERNAME – Outgoing email username
  • MAIL_PASSWORD – Outgoing email password
  • MAIL_ENCRYPTION – Default null other options tls and ssl
  • MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS – The email address that sends emails (Your company address)
  • MAIL_FROM_NAME – Your company name that appears on emails


At the same way we can configure SendGrid, MailGun mail driver. :::